Islam man tries bacon for the first time; loses faith in Allah

40-year-old Avukaya Baka Pasha claims he accidentally tasted bacon for the first time in his life. Avukaya says someone has to put it in his sandwich when he was in toilet at work. Actually he really enjoyed bacon. Decides he no longer trusts Allah as it’s delicious.

“I dont trust Allah anymore. Bacon is love. Bacon is life”

Avukaya baka Pasha 25/10/2019

Few bites of bacon changed this simple man’s life. He wonders why Allah didn’t allow him eat bacon.

I feel cheated, I don’t understand why I have been lied to about this for so long,” he told a local radio host.

Pasha says his new goal is to convince muslims to eat bacon. He is going to show them what they are missing. Muslims are not the only religious group to refrain from eating pork, with both Jews and some Christian denominations refraining from doing so, and the Old Testament describing pork as “unclean,” admit experts.

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