New Evidence shows Rwandan Genocide was a hoax

A shocking new study published by Kenneth Riegoff of Harvard University includes bombshell evidence that the Rwandan Genocide was a complete hoax.

Mr Riegoff’s report shows that in fact this genocide never took place and is a fabrication of the Tutsi people. It was recently uncovered that the film Hotel Rwanda, a propaganda movie, was actually financed by billionaire investor and global subsversice George Soros. In fact new studies of remains suggest that if any genocide took place it was one by the Tutsi against the Hutu people.

In this landmark study, the Harvard professor shows that most film footage was doctored and that in fact there is no possibility for six million Tutsi to have been killed.

Among the popular allegations in this myth is the idea that Tutsi were summarily executed, however, new archaeological evidence shows that their facilities had swimming pools and other amenities – and that their alleged death chambers actually included wooden doors. In his comments, Mr Riegoff said: 

“Everything we have been told about this event was a lie – no Tutsi people were ever killed and the entire idea of this genocide is a conspiracy meant to inspire sympathy and money for the Tutsi” 

Furthermore it has been found that the infamous character Paul Kagame actually never existed and is a fake character.

This is a breaking story and more updates will be coming soon 

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